Experts in delivering Clinical Insourcing Excellence across the UK & Ireland

Our healthcare group provides hospital commissioners, and their patients access to our unique network of 1600+ Consultants across 63 specialties across the UK and Ireland. Our carefully selected consultants are experts in their specialties, and are at the forefront of national clinical excellence.


Each of our Member Surgeons has been selected by their peers for their clinical reputation, expertise and outcome records.


Our services are benchmarked using national and local standards across all specialties e.g. BSG, JAG, RCOP – Quality standards Ophthalmology, BAD.


Our Managing Director Marie Lee and management team have been delivering care to approximately 1.2 million patients.


Our Parent Company was founded by 150 Surgeon Specialists in 2004 with the intention of providing an innovative approach to healthcare. Our bank of over 1,600 consultants are based all across the U.K. and Ireland and are some of the most respected specialists in every area of healthcare, representing the biggest specialist group in the U.K. and Ireland, delivering millions of patient care service every year.

I’m delighted to be at Alliance Clinical Services starting the next chapter of my career as Managing Director.

My internal team has delivered insourcing care to approximately 1.2 million patients across the UK and Ireland. Our insourcing models that are highly respected for its safety, effectiveness and performance across 120+ Hospitals.

Alliance are proud to offer an expertly managed, consultant-led system of insourcing services. We offer an innovative approach to healthcare and an assurance of quality, patient safety and value. The Insourcing + Experience puts patient care at its heart.

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We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our broad team of care staff all over the UK and Ireland. Working with Alliance Clinical Services, you will be part of a highly successful multi-armed organisation that is growing exponentially. You will be part of a highly motivated, multi-disciplined, committed network of NHS professionals working across the UK and Ireland to help bring down waiting times in NHS-Trusts.


Alliance Clinical Services long term plan is to deliver social value across our insourcing service model(s) through prioritising service benefits across environmental, employment and investment objectives within the Territories we operate in. To support our insourcing sustainability objectives around reducing our carbon footprint and creating localised employment we have opened our Belfast office and our Dublin office. Alliance Clinical Services are planning to expand into Wales and Scotland Territories soon.

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